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Mellanie {Stadium High School} Class of 2016 Senior Rep

This is year I have so many amazing young ladies representing Rebecca J Rosen Photography and every minute I get a change to hang out with them a little is very special to me. Maybe it’s having son and being surrounded with boys all the time or just that I love learning about what is happening in their life and seeing the wide open future that is in front of them. My high school days where very far from anything I would ever want to relive, but if I was to slip into some time warp and have another chance, I can tell you that each of these girls have instilled a desire in me to reach harder for every dream I ever had.

Their confidence and dedication to sports and their educations is mind blowing to me. I know we live in a chaotic time, but these young girls have a fire and determination to change lives and change the world as we know it. There is no limit to what they will achieve. Even though I am a south Georgia girl at heart, I am so lucky to live in a part of the country where race, religion, and life choices has little, if no baring on the friendships that are made and the bonds between families and friends. Just being a small part in this time in their lives is a privilege and each one of them leaves a positive impact that effects my outlook on life, in people and my son’s future.
No one knows more about Mellanie than her Mom, so I asked her to share with me a few things about her daughter that in this short time I’ve known her I might not have learned.
Written by Mellanie’s mom Kim…
 ”Mellanie is a great kid, she is true to her catholic faith, she’s a great student, an inspiring captain of the swim team, she enjoys the simple things in life. No bling bling, no makeup and no high heels. She a candyholic but she reluctantly admits it. She loves her music and the Stadium band received perfect scores at the Anaheim band competition this past May at Disneyland.  She loves family, but her brother still bugs her at times. She is an excellent driver and she’s the type of kid you never have to worry about. She is so responsible. She watches the cooking channel all the time but she doesn’t cook. But when she does it’s awesome. She loves teaching and coaching swim lessons. She read ferociously. She even reads the same series numerous times. I could go on and on…
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