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Last week I attended Chic Retreat in Seattle. What an amazing experience. The weather couldn’t have been any better. Three nights at the Inn at the Market was a complete mini vacation in it’s self and Pike Place Market was in it’s glory with the most beautiful tulips and flowers ever. I drove up to Seattle on May 1st, unpacked, sent a few eat your heart out facebook post and headed straight to Le Panier French Bakery (it’s been way to long) for a cappuccino, a pastry and a tiny bag to go. But let’s get back to why I decided to invest in Chic Retreat. It was the speakers! Kelli France of Chic Critique Forum hosted and was joined by Laura Winslow, Sarah Cornish, Michelle Huegsen, Leah Remillet, Kara May, Heidi Hope and Jean Smith. I have followed most of their careers for a couple of years now and they were as impressive in person as their beautiful photography. What an honor to be able to see them in action, learn from them and to participate along side them while shooting on location in Seattle. It was a dream and so was all the new friends I made from across Canada and the US. We will be learning and sharing with each other for years to come.

My head is still spinning with ideas and projects I need to get done, but I’m excited to see where the journey takes me. I have a to do list a mile long.

Click here to see the blog post on the Chic Critique Forum. It includeds a fun Video/slideshow of the workshop plus some awesome pictures, including the big group shot of the Seattle skyline taken at Gas Works Park by the amazing Jean Smith.

I’m looking forward to sharing with you some of my favorite sessions that I was able to photograph over the next week or so. This cute couple was one of my favorites.

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These photos were taken on location in Seattle at the arboretum with Kara May of Kara spoke to us on Styling and baby can she style. These adorable brothers were completely into their photo session. Kara worked her magic and they rocked it.  Kara and Laura Winslow’s room was across the hall from me at the Inn at the Market. Talk about being a little awe struck to have them knock on the door and all head up to the roof top patio the last night in our PJs for a little wine and late night girl gab session with the other speakers and attendees. Hanging with the Celebs! What a way to end the retreat…

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I had the best family session a few weeks ago with Katie, her sister and two brothers for a late Mother’s Day present for their mom. You know when you meet a family and you immediately can tell there is something special about them. Sometimes there are a lot of contributing factors, like time, place, weather and the interaction of the family. Well being a photographer has opened up avenues for me to meet people that I other wise may have never met. It is one of the perks of my job that I really didn’t think about so much as I was beginning this journey. I guess what I mean is, I just never really considered the fact that I might walk away from each session with more in my heart than I arrived with. This happens over and over and I’m always amazed by it, as I was amazed by Katie, Keegan, Miss M and Mr. C. Watching them together made my heart full and was a day that I will always remember. They will have the photos to look at for years, but I hope they too will always remember the bond and kindness they shared with one another on this day. Amazing kids! Mom agreed!



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