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Meet Rebecca


Hi, my name is Rebecca, and after spending a large part of my life as a southern girl growing up on my families farm in Georgia, I relocated to Washington. I have lived here for 16 years and call both places my home. My southern style and easy going manner allow me to connect with my clients, and my love of nature shows in all of my work. I enjoy capturing the beauty of a person, a place and the moment.

I live in a 1904 farmhouse that my husband and I restored, and it has become my personal refuge. It is also the home of my natural light studio. I get to share this refuge with husband and energetic son, as I have used our life to explore my love of photography and art.

I must admit my dreams often drift to important things like “do I have time to stop at Starbucks and not be late picking up my son” and “I have to have the new Kelly Moore camera bag so I will have room for my camera, iPad, a tin of La Vi’e de La Vosgienne Pastilline and five tubs of lipstick. Besides the bag will be fab with my new boots”…. But mostly I dream of being your photographer and capturing  your beauty that radiates from deep inside each of us. I love the moment a young girls sees themselves the way we see her and her face begins to light up with joy, pride and excitement of life to come.

I am a custom lifestyle portrait photographer in South Puget Sound and anywhere my boots take me. I believe photos are like dreams, at one glance they can take us to any place, with any loved one, at any time, forever….

Who am I really… I love Ford F150 trucks, but instead I drive a Volvo, started biting my nails again after 20 years, I want to live in Bali for six months, failed at yoga because I can’t clear my head (hence need to go to Bali), love to go to the movies by myself, my father grew acres and acres of tomatoes while I was growing up and I can’t grow one (try every summer), and why should I be talking about myself when we should be talking about you…this is the longest sentence and alot like I talk!